Project Palagaan


Bangla Natak, when it is mentioned in the history of literature, refers only to the recent written records of drama. There is a tendency to relegate the more ancient practice of Bengal’s traditional dramatic practices into the territory of lokanatya (folk drama). We consider traditional dramatic forms to be Bengali drama. The branch of Chitpur-centered jatra or proscenium based performances that is now considered to be Bengali theatre is, according to us, a very small, quintessentially urban, but important part of the long history of Bengali drama. Natgeet, padavali/ lilakirtan, panchal, mangalgeet, geetika, Chaitany-jatra, are forms of traditional Bengali drama that still thrive in various rural and urban parts of Bengal. Project Palagaan, under the Cultural Resources and Social Sciences scheme of the UGC-UPE II programme of Jadavpur University has been researching the past and present of traditional Bangla dramatic forms under Principal Investigator Dr. Sujit Kumar Mandal of the Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University.